Monday, February 06, 2006

High Halloween Couture Big Hit In Paris!

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

It now looks like the French top designers want to crib from some of my past NYC Village Halloween Parade specials! Only they left out my lovely bat wings. Well, next year, after they look at my art here, they will remember that item, too!

From the NYT:
THE GRAND PALAIS was built for expositions — many Parisians in the last century saw their first airplane there — and since its reopening last fall Karl Lagerfeld has used it to display Chanel's new clothes and, of course, himself. Last October he had a giant video screen erected, with his image blown up like Kong. For his spring haute couture show on Tuesday he put up what looked like a missile silo. At the end of the show, the tube lifted toward the glass ceiling, revealing the models on a spiral staircase.

It's easy to snicker at Mr. Lagerfeld. He is 70-something, he speaks brutally fast, and he has an eccentric collection of jewelry. The other day he had on a porcelain carnation made for Madame de Pompadour and retouched with gold by Jean Schlumberger. "He was kind of gifted, Schlumberger," Mr. Lagerfeld said, squinting behind his dark glasses and breaking into a huge grin.

But — from Madame de Pompadour's breast to Karl Lagerfeld's lapel — that is the arc of couture's incredible comet. If you are gifted like Mr. Lagerfeld, or like John Galliano at Dior, you don't have to ask whether couture is dead. It's relevant if you can make the meaningful connections between the past and present. On Monday, Mr. Galliano sent out a provocative collection with allusions — in the rough work boots and red-splattered white organza — to the French Revolution and, not incidentally, to the recent riots in France.
Well, Muslims are now burning down embassies all over the place, in at least six different countries. Luckily for the Grande Palais, Lagerfeld didn't do this, too.

I was one of the very first people to start off with the now famous Village Halloween Parade in NYC. It started because we young freaky mothers in the arts community wanted to show off our creations with our little tots so we all dressed up hugely and walked the kids through Washington Square Park and went begging together. This grew rapidly into a wild show over the years.

The costume here got a rousing reception. I was with two guys dressed as a bear and a bull in business suits and we wheeled a Wall Street lampost with us as we joked about the coming recession (we were right on the nose, too! Haha!).

I had "Vagina Dentanda" with me, my baby monster. I kept him hidden in my volumous skirts which were made out of the Wall Street Journal which is, by the way, in serious trouble at Wall Street because that rag is losing money! Haha! Again!

Anyway, this skirt was huge and so were my wings, I couldn't get on a subway except sideways. And as I stalked along 6th Avenue that night, every time someone yelled that we didn't scare them, we would surround the brave soul and talk about stocks falling. And I would whip out Baby and people would scream. It was a riot. A little Japanese girl cried when I did that to her daddy so I had to kiss him with my monster face. She loved it and wanted to hold Baby. I said, "I am a demon, you shouldn't be my friend," but she insisted.

So I was a total failure.

Well, seeing this year's fashions in Paris, I plan to hop the next broom over or maybe just fly with my lovely wings and go instruct them on how to design really cool demons.

Read my hips. No new fashion designers!
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